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Free Moving Images of fleurs-de-lisThe symbol of the fleur de lis is a representation used in heraldry (coats of arms and flags) and represents lily flower, which has a similar shape in its petals.

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Blue fleur de lys
Blue fleur de lys

Free animated gifs of fleurs-de-lis to get them free. Now you have found this you can create your own website of fleurs-de-lis, or your PowerPoint Presentation in a animated way, or illustrate your blog post about fleurs-de-lis. Do you need more material, you can contact with us, ask for that in facebook, we answer. Use your imagination to use these animated gifs in the funniest way fleurs-de-lis to express your emotions in a WhatsApp conversation, email, or in the social network you use, that way your texts will be more enriched. Since the Middle Ages, the icon of the lily had great symbolic significance to the royalty of France. In the twelfth century King Louis VI was the one who first used, and made to include as the main symbol of its shield in the battlefield. These medieval flowers have been used in many places such as ornamentation, such as in armor, coats of arms, and even in the architecture of castles and palaces. It is usual to represent the yellow, symbolizing wealth and power, on a blue background (as in the case of the shield of the House of Bourbon).