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Free Moving Images of Citroën logosThe presentation of the logo has evolved over time. As of 2009, it is a 3D metallic variation of the double chevron logo accompanied by a new font.

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Get all the gifs of Citroën logos

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Citroën logo
Citroën logo

Free animated gifs of Citroën logos to get them free. Now you have found this you can create your own website of Citroën logos, or your PowerPoint Presentation in a animated way, or illustrate your blog post about Citroën logos. Do you need more material, you can contact with us, ask for that in facebook, we answer. Use your imagination to use these animated gifs in the funniest way Citroën logos to express your emotions in a WhatsApp conversation, email, or in the social network you use, that way your texts will be more enriched. The origin of the logo goes back to when André Citroën discovered an innovative design for a gear shaped like a chevron or a spikelet, which basically consists of gears with V-shaped teeth, which outperforms gears with helical teeth. A gear with helical teeth produces an axial force and, by adding a second helical gear in opposition, this force is cancelled. The two chevrons of the logo represent the intermeshing contact of the two. They were mounted on high-performance models from Citroën.