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Free Moving Images of Water sellersStreet water vendors that sell water in small amounts. Water sellers in poor countries without potable water in the streets and houses.

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Water seller
Water seller

Free animated gifs of Water sellers to get them free. Now you have found this you can create your own website of Water sellers, or your PowerPoint Presentation in a animated way, or illustrate your blog post about Water sellers. Do you need more material, you can contact with us, ask for that in facebook, we answer. Use your imagination to use these animated gifs in the funniest way Water sellers to express your emotions in a WhatsApp conversation, email, or in the social network you use, that way your texts will be more enriched. A water carrier collected water from a source and transported or carried containers with water to homes of the people. People selling water on the streets in small amounts. Staff carrying vessels of water tanks to sell water to people on the streets of cities. It is a profession that is disappearing. It is a proper work of third world countries where there is no running water in the houses. When there is no running water in homes or cities water vendors or water carrier they are those carrying small tanks to sell glasses of water. A person who sells or transports water. They distribute water to the houses buyers or sold on the street. Profession that existed before the advent of centralized water supply systems.