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A free collection of Emoticons animated gifs to use in your presentation or website.Smileys or facial expression and Graphical emoticons for instant messengers and web forums. Icons Abbreviations free smiley faces. Smiling Iconic faces. Smileys and animated emoticons. Animated emoticons for forums, messages and chats. Animated smileys. Free animated icons. In this category you will find animated gifs of icons with funny yellow faces. Decoration for chat messages.

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Free gallery of gifs of Emoticons These animated faces are known as smileys, as emerged from a smiling face. Animated images are used to express emotions through Internet. These are used in social networks, blogs and emails.  

Emoticons With these icons you can express feelings in your posts. That can help compressing messages with irony or sarcasm, or when speaking in jest. Your messages will now be much more fun!

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Download this free images of Emoticons for a better design. When people communicate using text messages, sometimes things are understood differently. To solve the intention with which something is said, were invented emotional icons. Emoticons have played a significant role in communication through technology.  

Get free animated gifs of Emoticons With them you can express the meaning of the sentence or intention with which something is said. But with our animated smileys can do much more! Forms of expression for talks. Joy, sadness, anger, happiness, excitement, friendship and feelings.  

Gifs of Emoticons Above all, you'll have so much fun with the absurd expressions you can find. If you send a smiley to your friends by email or on social networks, or even tease you say nonsense. Smileys and animated emoticons.