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A free collection of Art animated gifs to use in your presentation or website.Art is the pursuit of beauty. The transformation of raw materials into objects with an aesthetic purpose. For objects that are visually appealing. They may have a function, but not stop having beauty. The three most important arts of painting, sculpture and architecture.

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Free gallery of gifs of Art The first two with a purely aesthetic and the third is functional. Arts also count as music, photography, dance, film, comics and poetry. For many, the design is the application of artistic techniques to objects of everyday life. Famous artists and artwork.  

Art Among the most important artistic periods in the history of mankind, it is noteworthy. Renaissance (XV - XVI), Mannerism (c. 1530-1600), Baroque (c. 1600-1750), Rococo (1720-1740), Neoclassicism (1730-1820), Romanticism, Realism (XIX), Impressionism (mid nineteenth century), Symbolism (late nineteenth century), Neo-Impressionism (late nineteenth century), Art Nouveau / Modernism (late nineteenth century and early twentieth century), Art Deco (1920-1950), Cubism (1907 - 1914).

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Download this free images of Art for a better design. Futurism (1909 - 1930), Expressionism (1910 - 1945), Neo (1917 - 1944), Surrealism (1924 - 1966), Rationalism (1925 - 1940), Abstract Expressionism (c. 1944-1964 ), Op art (from 1964), Pop Art (from 1950), Minimalism (from 1960), Hyper realism (from 1960) Conceptual Art (from 1961).  

Get free animated gifs of Art There have been periods of great artistic production. There have been periods where artists have been unproductive or unimportant. Famous artists and artwork.  

Gifs of Art The artists are creative people who create works of art. Painters, sculptors, poets, architects, dancers, photographers, cartoonists, musicians and others who create works of art. Museums are the places where you store and exhibit work of art. There are many artistic disciplines.